Neko. 24, born/living in Australia, European background. (◕ω◕)
My blog is full of everything I like. A clusterfuck of brilliance, representative of myself in some way. I hope it both pleases and confuses you, as I surely will.
わたし は モデル と がくせい です。
I love pygmy marmosets. Feminism. Bodies of all types. Sexxxxxx. Cuddles and gaming. Adventures. Movies. Exploring new places. Disney.
Those times when you're so excited all you can do is laugh and speak in an exaggerated outside voice that deafens those nearby. Comics. Kitties. Reading. Cooking. Boobies.

I do not condone any sexual acts -forceful or otherwise- upon anybody of any age, race, size, gender or religion unless it has been consented to by both parties.
Consensual sex is not a joke. Any bdsm-type images posted are done so under the assumption that the viewer realises these acts should be consented to.

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." Dalai Lama

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sometimes i have like really deep thoughts like the internet is fucking incredible man i can go on google and see like 10,000 dicks in an hour and like imagine back before the internet even, you couldn’t see that many dicks in a life time. I’ve seen more dicks this week than any Babylonian prostitute did in her entire life. Amazing.


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    This is assuming that the prostitute slept with different men every time, which seems pretty unlikely—there had to be...
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